If you are new to training or returning after a long time away from the gym, we recommend starting with our Foundation Course (compulsory before CrossFit classes), after which you can select any Membership or Class Pack. The most cost-effective solution is to start with our Kickstarter Membership which includes the Foundation Course.

If you have experience with CrossFit then you can choose any membership or class pack and jump straight in!

Absolutely! We offer a FREE trial class for you to come and see the space, meet the coaches and get a feel of what we do and the amazing community we have here!

Yes, however, all attendance MUST be PRE-BOOKED and paid through our website for both classes and Open Gym. We do not accept Walk-Ins. You can book HERE.

If you plan to train at least 3 times/week, our 13/PM membership would be ideal for you. If you plan to come 4 + then the unlimited memberships are the best deal.

If you are looking to attend our classes 1-2/week, class packs are for you.

CrossFit: “Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity” aka a mixed program which gets you fit at 360 degrees! You’ll be working on all the elements you need to keep fit in a fun and effective program, from strength exercises like squats and presses, to olympic lifting, to cardio and gymnastics skills like pull ups and push ups. Each class includes a full warm up and cool down and your coach will adapt any exercise to your ability.

Powerlifting: Improve technique and get stronger with the 3 main lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. The program will also include all the fundamentals of strength training as well as Functional Bodybuilding. Our Powerlifting coaches can help you with your goals of  gaining strength, improving technique or even competing.

  • Our CrossFit Unlimited gives access to: CrossFit, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Sweat Classes as well as Open Gym.
  • Our Crossfit 13/month gives access to: 13 Classes per month of either CrossFit, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Sweat Classes and Open gym.
  • Our Powerlifting Unlimited gives you access to: Powerlifting and Open gym
  • Our Powerlifting 13/month gives you access to: 13 sessions per month of Powerlifting and Open gym
  • PLUS: Unlimited access to all programs and classes as well as Open Gym. This is the best membership for more advanced trainees or people who enjoy a variety of programs.

Yes! We do offer an Open Gym Only Membership. You can sign up HERE.

Please note all Open Gym attendance MUST be PRE-BOOKED and is only available in the dedicated slots – check our Schedule.

Yes, we do offer 6-months Upfront Membership! Check the Pricing Page here.
For full details please check our T&C.

We currently offer 10% OFF Memberships for Students, NHS, Military and Blue Lights.. Not valid on Upfront, Class Packs, PT and Group PT. Requires proof of status pre-sign up. Please email admin@fort.training.

When signing up for a membership you will be able to switch program during your contractual period (eg. signing up for Powerlifting, then switching to CrossFit). You will also be able to upgrade for the remainder of your contract term. You will not be allowed to downgrade, change contract length or switch to a pack during your contract period. All changes require 1-month notice to info@fort.training. When on a membership you cannot switch through the P10 App, if you attempt to purchase a new membership you will end up with more active plans, please email our staff who will be happy to help. For all details please check our T&C.

All memberships are rolling and will just roll over to the next month. All memberships require 1-month notice before cancelling.

Class packs do not automatically renew.

You will be able to put your membership on HOLD for 1 to 4 weeks at a time for a maximum of 30 days per year using the dedicated form on our website.

We require at least 1 week notice from the start date. For all details please check our T&C.

Just let us know at least 1 month before so we have time to implement the cancellation. Please read full T&Cs before signing up for a membership.

We do have changing rooms with showers. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner are provided as well as blow dryers and hair straighteners. Towels are also provided!

Only shoes can be left at the gym using the dedicated cubby-holes and lockers. No towels, clothes, protein shakers or any other items can be left at the gym at any time – these will be disposed of at the end each week.

Get started

Come and join us for a free trial to meet our coaches, see our amazing facilities and get a feel for our welcoming community!